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Brief introduction…

eric-schultz-montana-old-prospector-gold-miningHi there friend!

I wanted to get you a quick introduction to what we are going to be working on here. I must clarify now; I am not an experienced gold miner. As a matter of fact, many of you may already know a whole lot more about this whole thing than I do. But, this is the very point of this website and blog.

One of the greatest compliments I ever got from a good friend is; “Eric, what I like about you most, is you are definitely a doer and not a talker.”

As I mentioned in the about page, I am going to share a lot of things about me and a lot of things I can do. But to start, I just wanted to say ‘Hello!’ again and give you a better feel for what to expect.

What I do know about gold mining is it is hard work, it takes extreme perseverance, and it can be hugely rewarding in the adventure and outdoors; of course, the treasure is pretty exciting too.

Another thing that is going to happen here, is you are going to come along with a total newbie and learn as I learn. You are also welcome to contribute your information, websites, and advice about your own experience, technique, tools, and geology.

This is how¬† “community” grows and gets together to help each other in a greater cause.

For now this brings me to this final note; responsibility for the outdoors and your neighbors. We work to maintain a balance an resent with nature. We work to respect land owners and other claim holders. More about this along the journey…

To start, please drop a note in the comments below and then catch up wit us on our Facebook or G+ page.

Cheers to you, my new friend…let’s get to the gold!

Kind regards, Eric




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