Brief introduction…

eric-schultz-montana-old-prospector-gold-miningHi there friend!

I wanted to get you a quick introduction to what we are going to be working on here.

One of the greatest compliments I ever got from a good friend is; “Eric, what I like about you most, is you are definitely a doer and not a talker.”

What this all means is I will be sharing a lot of information about how to go about finding your own gold. But most importantly, I am going to SHOW you through illustration, pictures, and videos about how to find gold.

As I mentioned in the about page, I am going to share a lot of things about me and a lot of things I can do. But to start, I just wanted to say ‘Hello!’ again and give you a better feel for what to expect.

One of the primary things we all must know about gold mining is it is hard work. Gold prospecting and mining takes extreme perseverance. But then, it can be hugely rewarding in the adventure and outdoors; of course, the treasure is pretty exciting too.

In this adventure about how to find gold, you are going to come right along with us in research, locating, surveying, prospecting, and establishing a viable mining location. You are also welcome to contribute your information, websites, and advice about your own experience, technique, tools, and geology.

I invite you to ask questions, share your experiences, and get involved. This is how a  “community” grows and gets together to help each other in a greater cause.

For the time being, I want to make a final and very important note: We must take responsibility for the outdoors, other adventurers, and our fellow prospectors. We work to maintain a balance with nature. We work to respect land owners and other claim holders. We work to maintain pride in our adventures. In keeping with this, rewards will come in a sense of accomplishment, knowledge, and tangible treasures.

To start, please drop a note in the comments below and then catch up with us on our Facebook or G+ page.

Cheers to you, my new friend…let’s get to the gold!

Kind regards, Eric




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