ADVANCED – How To Find Gold

ADVANCED – How To Find Gold And Make Real Money!

NOTICE: Gold mining and prospecting is a risk. You will risk your time, money, and enthusiasm. It is also hard work. Knowing this, I will bring you closer to understanding the process of gold finding and mining in the modern day. Today, there are many great advances which gives us all the advantage over the prospectors of the past. If you have a passion to learn and possibly become an advanced gold prospector, and maybe even a miner on some level, come on aboard the journey…!

1. Who I am and what I want to help you with

As a youngster growing up on a cattle ranch in the foothills of the Absaroka mountains of Montana, I spent many days venturing out into the mountains alone. Not in search of anything in particular, mainly just the gratifying submersion into the peace, adventure, and sense of accomplishment of the whole experience.

Today I have found the quest for that same immensely gratifying experience, along with the excitement of prospecting – finding real gold – to be hugely fulfilling.

I have called this course ADVANCED because I am not here to rehash the same, but very necessary, information on how to do basic prospecting, how to pan for gold, or use a sluice box. Although, I will still provide to you some of the most proficient and informational articles and other links to that purpose.

I have spent years talking with experienced prospectors, reviewing and studying resources for education on finding gold, reading the history, exploring gold districts, and studying the geology of gold. I will show you where to get the most advanced and streamlined information on how to find gold even if you are a total beginner. With this course, you will quickly get up to speed through my own favorite collection of learning resources.

What I aim to fulfill is helping the next level prospector locate viable ground which will produce an amount of gold or other minerals to make a part time or full time occupation out of gold mining. It is expected that you already know the basics of how to find gold in the streams and hillsides; or you will quickly get yourself up to speed.

It doesn’t take long to develop the basic skills of how to find gold, the hardest part is self-motivation. If you can bring those parts to the table, then I am offering a guide on how to locate, test, and develop a viable small miners operation; this is what I am going to show you!

I am about to provide you a strategy which is being shared by no one. A strategy to find real gold bearing grounds which you may prospect, stake a claim, and take to a level of personal production of your desire. This is a strategy and a process with real results and rewards. I am going to show you how it has really worked for me and give you step by step guidance for doing it yourself.

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2. Why should or would one want to get involved in gold prospecting and mining?

Throughout the earth’s crust there is an estimated 52,000 tons (1.8 billion ounces) of gold still in the ground and more is likely to be discovered.

There are also other precious metals, including silver, copper and platinum, worth billions, still buried in the ground. Then there are gems and precious stones that are still found throughout the states by those who know where to look.

A mining claim provides the rights to all of these metals and gemstones to the holder of the claim. You can locate, mine, and sell this gold for real valuable profit!

3. What is this information for and how can it benefit you?

I have found, even myself, that getting started in gold prospecting is done as a hobby at first. But, once real color(gold) has been found, it quickly leads one to ask if it is possible to make a living out of such a quality and rewarding activity. If this is how you have found yourself and you allure to the possibility of being a bonafide gold miner, then keep on reading!

4. Here’s what I’ve done for you.

What I have prepared is a guide through the strategy I developed for locating viable gold mining targets right from your home via some powerful tools available today on the internet. Even if you aren’t super proficient with a computer, this step-by-step guide, including videos and illustrations, will get you on your way to finding your own gold ground!

5. Here’s what it will do for you and why it’s great

This guide is going to show you how to locate real gold bearing grounds within minutes. I will then show you how to survey the land status, existing claims, and potential for gold mining. We’ll look at what type of mining would be best suited for your discoveries and how to get started in those known gold areas.

6. Here’s the problem we have that we need to figure out and solve

A lot of gold prospecting and how to find gold instruction manuals and courses often show us very well how to find small amounts of gold on a recreational level. But it puzzles me when I see people out working very hard and only finding a few particles or dust and they chuckle and say they need to find more still. It seems like they are in acceptance of only finding a little bit and they don’t really know how to take it to the next level. But isn’t the reality that we ALL really want to find a reasonable amount of gold to maybe make it a little more rewarding for the efforts and adventure. I am surely guilty of this emotion. Once I got the itch(gold fever); I immediately sought out how I was going to make gold prospecting and gold mining a major part of my life. I wanted to one day make my primary income as a small business mining operation. If you are like me, come on inside and I will show you how I easily took the gold prospecting to the next level and find real, viable ground to mine for a living!

7. Here’s what I want you to do next:

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8. Here’s how I am going to help you build out your gold education, field experience, prospecting and small mining plan.

This guide will show you, in detail, how to find good gold bearing ground. I will then show you how to evaluate the property, create a methodic sampling program, stake a claim, apply for permits, and prepare yourself with the right equipment to get the job done.

9. Here’s why this is going to be better than anything you have done before.

As I mentioned above, many of the how to find gold programs take you from zero knowledge to maybe finding specs or even a small nugget or two. But what do you do then…where do you go and what ground can you actually take to the next level with some machinery and real gold processing equipment? What can you do to ramp up a gold operation on a limited budget? Many people will try to make you believe you should only approach gold mining as a hobby – WHY!?! Just because they may be afraid to put forth a real effort to making a real occupation out of gold mining, why should it affect you? I am going to help you break through that barrier and take the step, albeit cautiously and methodically, into getting on the path of how to find your own gold and make something really happen!

10. Gold Is Real…Gold Is Valuable.

These are facts. Otherwise, I am sure you can build your own opinion about how well gold holds its value; and it will likely increase in value over time. My guess, since you are reading this and are genuinely interested in making gold mining a part of your financial life, you agree.

Gold is something you can sell and get real money. I am going to show you how to do this and get the most amount of money selling your gold once it is recovered from the ground.

There are many public lands which contain gold. I am going to show you how to find the best resources for locating these lands and even how to get a leading resource, which is generally a paid subscription, for FREE!

Plus, there isn’t just one resource; I am going to share with you all the ones I have researched and utilized in finding gold located in many geographical locations around the United States…and beyond!

Geographical Note: It is generally known that economical concentrations of gold are found in the Western U.S. This being said, I urge you to consider that you may have to travel to get to some of the best possible gold grounds. There is by no means any way that I, you, nor anyone can create gold in your areas if you happen to live in the Midwest or the Eastern United States, or elsewhere. You will need to be prepared with a quality vehicle and money to travel. As they say, “Gold is where you find it”. This is what I am going to help you do…Find The Gold!

11. Here’s what this is going to do for you.

This course is specifically designed to teach you how to find gold. How to evaluate the gold properties available to you. How to establish your mining claim. How to decide which permits you’ll need, if any. How to methodically test your ground a create an overall small(or large) mining plan. And how to operate your mine efficiently and effectively enough to make a reasonable profit. If you think you might get rich, well it is possible. If you are realistic and wish to replace all or part of your current occupational income and time, then you’re in the right place.

This opportunity will be taught through the primary printed guidebook in a PDF book format. It will also be supplemented by video, illustration and the accompanying website blog; which will be available as a membership. I will continually document our own mining developments, other’s experiences, resources, and discoveries for your ongoing expansion of knowledge, encouragement, and entertainment.

12. Here’s the biggest challenge:

Gold research, prospecting, and mining is difficult and requires dedication and diligence. It is rare that one can combine a healthy, adventurous, enjoyable occupation with a viable business opportunity. Nothing comes easy, though the path I have laid out for you finally exists in an easy to follow and results oriented format. The opportunity is yours, but you must be prepared and know within yourself that this IS something you want to do. If you’re gonna quit, then you might as well not even start.

I have spent nearly 2 years developing this program. I at least ask you to prepare yourself for an even greater and rewarding adventure…which I am sure you have already – probably before you even found this advanced learning opportunity of how to find gold.

We must get one other thing clear right now; getting a reasonably economical amount of gold out of the earth is going to cost some money to reach a breakeven point of profiting upon your gold mining efforts. This program will show you how to get started with a conservative budget, but it will take some capital.

There is always the chance you may somehow find a high grade area which will allow you to mine without any mechanized equipment other than a shovel and sluice…this IS possible.

In this guide on how to find gold, I will cover the various levels of production and the equipment you may utilize to recover the gold from the earth. Although, I am guessing that since you are interested in the advanced course on how to find and get the gold, you’ll already be fairly well versed in this aspect of process and equipment. None the less, I am going to cover it in detail.

13. Here’s what I want you to do next

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14. I am going to show you how to do it

Each part of this course is set into chapters which will show you step by step how to find the gold.

After a brief introduction, I will start by telling you about an entirely free resource for locating the physical location of gold bearing ground. Based upon those grounds, you will then be shown how to decipher the land ownership, but most will be on public lands; generally state, Federal Bureau of Land Management, or U.S. Forest Service. And no, this is not from using a resource like, although it is one not to be ruled out.

This one trick to finding quality gold ground is already worth the cost of the course; and I’m sure you will find the other abundant information nearly priceless!

Either way, it’s backed by a 100% money back guarantee…virtually zero risk. But, like I said, after the first chapter you’ll be quite satisfied and likely will start to wonder why I don’t charge more for the course; and quite frankly, who’s to say I may not in the near future.

15. Here’s what we have for you which will show you and give you the tools to perform

This entire course, with exception to actually putting your boots on the ground, is designed so that you will instantly be able to start your virtual prospecting. You can literally find new targets of gold ground within minutes of beginning the course, and I am going to teach you exactly how!

You really should just get started right now!

16. Here’s what this course going to do for you and why it is so easy

I am going to present to you and easy to follow virtual guide to locating gold lands, prospecting the grounds, verifying accessibility, working the ground, and getting gold.

I will do this with written and illustrated guides. This program will also provide detailed video tutorials, real world examples of our own projects, and my own personal selection of reference materials.

As a member of the website, you will have continuing tutorials, adventures, and information on how to find and get the gold!

17. Here’s the frustrations I have seen:

Strong self motivation, desire, determination – lack any one of these and you will likely not succeed.

If you’re serious about this, then start now! Don’t hesitate, don’t procrastinate. If you want to succeed, then start now.

If you absorb the entire course, actually give it a solid attempt, and are still not satisfied; simply email us and we’ll fully refund the cost of the course. By the way…the price is likely way less than you expect!

18. Here’s what we are going to do next

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19. For you whom are even more adventurous and serious about really making gold mining a part of your life, and once you get more familiar with this program, you’ll find a huge amount of bonus information, prospecting tips, product reviews, useful links, videos, and even one of the least known opportunities for taking advantage of a full blown modern day gold rush…possibly as rich or richer than California 1949!!!

20. Here’s what these BONUS materials are

Hard Rock Mining
Gemstones and gem hunting
Gemstone processing
Top modern equipment
How to make your own equipment

21. Here’s the possibilities you can achieve

Some people will take the gemstones they find along with the gold and make their own signature line of jewelry to sell at trade shows, retail stores, or online!

22. here’s what I want you to do next

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Brief introduction…

eric-schultz-montana-old-prospector-gold-miningHi there friend!

I wanted to get you a quick introduction to what we are going to be working on here.

One of the greatest compliments I ever got from a good friend is; “Eric, what I like about you most, is you are definitely a doer and not a talker.”

What this all means is I will be sharing a lot of information about how to go about finding your own gold. But most importantly, I am going to SHOW you through illustration, pictures, and videos about how to find gold.

As I mentioned in the about page, I am going to share a lot of things about me and a lot of things I can do. But to start, I just wanted to say ‘Hello!’ again and give you a better feel for what to expect.

One of the primary things we all must know about gold mining is it is hard work. Gold prospecting and mining takes extreme perseverance. But then, it can be hugely rewarding in the adventure and outdoors; of course, the treasure is pretty exciting too.

In this adventure about how to find gold, you are going to come right along with us in research, locating, surveying, prospecting, and establishing a viable mining location. You are also welcome to contribute your information, websites, and advice about your own experience, technique, tools, and geology.

I invite you to ask questions, share your experiences, and get involved. This is how a  “community” grows and gets together to help each other in a greater cause.

For the time being, I want to make a final and very important note: We must take responsibility for the outdoors, other adventurers, and our fellow prospectors. We work to maintain a balance with nature. We work to respect land owners and other claim holders. We work to maintain pride in our adventures. In keeping with this, rewards will come in a sense of accomplishment, knowledge, and tangible treasures.

To start, please drop a note in the comments below and then catch up with us on our Facebook or G+ page.

Cheers to you, my new friend…let’s get to the gold!

Kind regards, Eric




Welcome to the Old Prospector Site! Here you WILL learn how to find gold.